XMMS Morestate restores ESD volume, song time, and playing/paused status.

XMMS Autoplay starts playing on XMMS-Start either at the beginning of the playlist, at a random position or at the position the last XMMS-Session stopped.

Both are contained in a single plugin.


XMMS Morestate/Autoplay is used by me everyday.
Apart from some enhancements it can be considered mature and bugfree.

Authors/Project History

XMMS Morestate was developed by David Deephanphongs.
XMMS Autoplay was developed by Leslie P. Polzer.

The code of these projects was merged by Leslie and is maintained by both authors.


XMMS Morestate/Autoplay is currently distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Documentation And Links

XMMS-Morestate/Autoplay is quite self-explanatory.

See David's Morestate + ESD HOWTO for more information on the volume restore feature.


Please see the Sourceforge project page for all release packages.

Debian users: You can apt-get the current version of XMMS Morestate by doing the following (be superuser):<
echo "deb http://anarxia.dhis.org:2180/debian ./" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

This service is provided by Nicos Panayides <anarxia@gmx.net>.

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