XMMS Morestate + ESD HOWTO

It does work with ESD -- the problem is that the ESD Plugin (Esdout) can control volume in two different ways -- it either controls the ESD stream's volume, or it controls the OSS mixer's volume. MoreState will restore the volume to either the ESD stream or the mixer, depending on which Esdout is configured to use. Unfortunately, if ESD is controlling the ESD stream's volume, then other programs can control the mixer, and MoreState will not restore that. If this causes you problems, I'd suggest making Esdout control the mixer, instead. See below for instructions.

Making the ESD Plugin use the OSS mixer

Open the preferences dialog by right-clickingn anywhere in the main XMMS window. This will bring up the XMMS menu. Select Options, and when the Options sub-menu pops up, select Preferences. This will open Preferences dialog.

[Preferences Dialog]
Preferences Dialog

Make sure the "Audio I/O Plugins" tab is selected (in image: circled in green), and the output plugin is set to "eSound Output Plugin" (in image: pointed to by green arrow). Click on the Configure button (in image: circled in red). This will pop up the Esdout configuration dialog.

[ESD Plugin Configuration Dialog]
ESD Plugin Configuration

Make sure that the check box "Volume controls OSS mixer" is checked (in image: circled in red, check box is not checked), and click OK. This will close the Esdout configuration dialog.

Back in the Preferences dialog, click the Ok button. That should do it -- Esdout will now control the mixer's volume, so MoreState will be able to restore the volume even if other programs change it.

And yes, that was rather more detailed than anyone needed. :)

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